Saturday, December 22, 2012

How to use jQuery star rating in JSF2

This post is to show how to use jQuery star rating in JSF2.

for native JSF2 implementation, please perform Adding jQuery capabilities into JSF2.
for Richfaces, make sure jQuery is working by verify jQuery in Richfaces 4 is working

Required software:
1. jQuery star rating plugin

1. JSF2/Richfaces application properly setup
2. jQuery plugin working properly in Richfaces 4

1. put all the content of star rating into resources folder
putting star rating library into JSF project

2. invoking star rating with the following codes in xhtml
invoking star rating

3. capture the value in JSF managedBean
capturing star rating value in managedBean
4. If this is a portlet application, replace the HttpServletRequest with HttpPortletRequest.

you may also take a look on Setting jQuery Star Rating value when loading a page

and you might also interesting on How to install jQuery plugin in Richfaces 4



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