Tuesday, January 8, 2013

How to integrate OpenFire with Liferay chat portlet

The chat portlet in Liferay is actually a XMPP client, thus, we can choose to integrate the Chat Portlet with an external XMPP chat server.
XMPP Chat Server to be used in this post is OpenFire.

Tools required:
1. Liferay 6.1.x
2. Chat Portlet CE
3. OpenFire

1. download Chat Portlet CE.
2. Download and install OpenFire Server.
3. Start Liferay.
4. Deploy the Chat Portlet by putting the Chat Portlet into the <Liferay_Home>/deploy folder.
5. once Chat Portlet deployed, open the <Liferay_deployment_folder>/chat-portlet/WEB-INF/classes/portlet.properties
6. paste the following configuration into portlet.properties 

    jabber.host=XMPP_SERVER_IP    jabber.import.user.enabled=true
    jabber.port=XMPP_SERVER_PORT (5222)    jabber.resource=Liferay
7. Restart Liferay to active the changes.


liferay Chat Portlet CE

You may take a look also on How to install SparkWeb in a webapp, which providing another possible way to enable web-chat in a webapp.


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