Sunday, February 24, 2013

Workaround for p:column colspan

Recently, I was facing a problem with the p:datatable colspan attribute.
I wanted to conditionally colspan the table cell, but I failed to do that. And I found its impossible to do it now from the Primefaces forum.

conditional colspan in p:column

Finally, I came out with a workaround with jQuery.
Instead of the colspan attribute, I used the styleClass attribute to dynamically adjust the table's colspan.

Platform: Primefaces 3.4
Server: Tomcat 7

1. Declare the styleClass attribute with dynamic conditions.
conditional colspan in p:column
2. Declare the jQuery script to adjust the table colspan on page loading.
conditional colspan in p:column
  • above script showed the jQuery lookup any element where className = 'myStyleClass', then adjust the colspan attribute with my desired value. 
  • myStyleClass is just a unique name for jQuery to lookup the element, it could be any name. 
  • 4 is just an example, it could be any desired colspan value. 


With the above steps, jQuery will dynamically adjust the table colspan based on the passed in conditions. 


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