Saturday, June 29, 2013

How to backup Oracle SQL Developer Data Modeler project

Once we have completed the data modeling project with Oracle SQL Developer Data Modeler, normally we will need to backup the files or future reference or it could be backup and then save it with our team members or superiors.

1. Oracle SQL Developer Data Modeler

There are 2 ways to backup the data modeling project.
1. With the "Save As..." feature of the data modeler
2. Manual

1. With the "Save As..."
a) File > Save As...
b) in the Save Design dialog, browse to the desired backup location (network drive, thumb drive, etc)
c) click Save.
Oracle SQL Developer Data Modeler Save As dialog

2. Manual
a) in folder explorer, browse to the project directory, eg, C:/users/public/Documents
b) copy [project_name].dmd and [project_name] folder.
c) paste the dmd file and the project folder to the desired location.
* the [project_name] folder is very important as all the tables/entities are kept in this folder.


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