Sunday, June 30, 2013

How to create database view with Oracle SQL Developer Data Modeler

In this post will show how to create database view, the creation of database view in Oracle SQL Developer Data Modeler is different with the creation of database view, and it is missing from the previous posts.

1. Make sure the SQL Developer Data Modeler is showing the relational view.
a) click on the New View icon
b) move the cursor to the workspace (top-right pane) to bring up the View Properties dialog.
Click New View icon

2. Enter new view name

3. Click Query button to bring up the Query Builder dialog
Enter View's properties

4. Add Object inside the Query Builder
a) d-click on any object inside the top-right pane.

5. Choose columns from all the objects added.
Query Builder

6. If required UNION
a) R-click "Q" button
b) click New union sub-query
Create New union sub-query

7. Repeat step 4-5 to add object and columns for the New union query

8. verify the generated SQL for the view

9. modify if required, eg. change to UNION ALL

10. test the SQL if required
Generated SQL for the view from the above settings

11. Click OK > OK


Output - View in green colour




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