Tuesday, June 11, 2013

How to create relational data model with Oracle SQL Developer Data Modeler

This tutorial shows how to create a relational data model by creating tables, adding columns to tables, defining relationships between tables, etc. 

1. JRE is installed.
2. Oracle SQL Developer Data Modeler is installed.

1. Create table.
    Make sure you are in relational tab > click table() icon > move the pointer to the white empty space.
data modeler relational tab

2. Enter table name in the General node
general table properties

3. Click the Columns node to add column.
    a) Click on the  button to add 1 column.
    b) then enter the column name.
    c) Click on the Logical radio button.
    d) Choose data type in the Type dropdown.
    d) If this column is a Primary Key, then check the PK checkbox.
    e) If this column is mandatory, then check the Mandatory checkbox.
table properties - columns node

repeat 1 - 3 to add more tables. 

4. Click on the Foreign Keys node to add foreign key
    a) Click on the  button to add 1 Foreign Key.
    b) Select referenced table from the Referenced Table dropdown.
    c) Select referenced column from the Column field.
table properties - foreign keys node

repeat step 4 to add more Foreign Keys or Foreign Key for other tables.

5. Click on the Unique Constraints node to add unique constraint
    a) Click on the  button to add 1 Unique Constraint.
    b) Choose any column at the Columns panel.
    c) select any move action with the arrows.
table properties - unique constraints node

repeat step 5 to add more Unique Constraints or Unique Constraints for other tables.

6. Click OK.



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