Thursday, November 15, 2012

How to create first JSF2 application

The purpose of this post is to guide newbies to create a Hello application with JSF2.

Below are some of the required tools/software before we start the tutorial.
1. Eclipse
2. JBoss Tool 4.0
3. Tomcat 7 or JBoss 7.1
4. JSF2 api and impl library

After all the prerequisites are installed and ready, we can start creating our Hello JSF2 application.

1. Start Eclipse. Select File > New > JSF Project
2. In the New JSF Project dialog. Fill in the following details, the click Next
    Project Name: HelloJSF2
    JSF Environment: JSF 2.0
    Template: JSFKickStartWithoutLibs

3. In the Runtime dropdown, select Apache Tomcat v7.0 or JBoss 7.1. Click Finish.

4. add the JSF2 jar file into the application lib folder.
5. start the application server.
6. Once the server started. open browser and enter the following address.
7. If you see the JSF 2 Hello Application, you are success. 
8. Test the application. 
9. Done!

More specifically, this post show How to create PrimeFaces project with JBoss Tools

As an alternative, you may download the HelloJSF2 eclipse archive to start development quickly from the url below.
1. Once downloaded, Start Eclipse. File > Import
2. Select Existing Projects into Workspace > Next
3. Select archive file > browse > Finish.

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