Monday, December 3, 2012

Mounting / integrating Alfresco repository in Liferay

Liferay is the universal portal for its' users.
Liferay provides good mechanism to integrate with Alfresco.
This allowed Liferay users to browse their Alfresco repository presented with portlet without opening the Alfresco in another browser window and enter the username/password to login to Alfresco again.

1. Liferay CE 6.1.1
2. Alfresco 4.2.x


Mounting the repository
1. Start Alfresco
2. Start Liferay
3. Login to Liferay as Administrator
4. Go to > Control Panel > Documents and Media
5. Add > Repository
6. fill the following url - http://<host>:<port>/alfresco/cmisatom
7. Save

Configure the root folder
1. Back to welcome page.
2. Add Documents and Media portlet
3. configure the portlet
4. Choose the root folder
    => Select > Choose Alfresco
5. Save
6. By doing these steps, the Documents and Media portlet will set the Alfresco repository as Home. and users can only see documents from the home

Thus, this portlet represents the users' Alfresco repository.



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