Thursday, December 20, 2012

submenu with Richfaces contextMenu

From the Richfaces contextMenu Demo, we can see that a popup menu on an event on the target component. eg, click event, hover event, etc.
sample rich:contextMenu

From the demo, we see only 1-level menu, we can further extend the contextMenu to 2-levels sub menu.
below are the code snippet extending the Richfaces contextMenu Demo

<h:graphicImage id="pic"
style="border : 5px solid #E4EAEF"/>
<rich:contextMenu target="pic" mode="client" showEvent="click">
<rich:menuItem label="Zoom In" onclick="enlarge(#{rich:element('pic')});"/>
    <rich:menuItem label="Zoom Out" onclick="decrease(#{rich:element('pic')});"/>
    <rich:menuGroup label="View">
     <rich:menuItem label="Detail" onclick="viewDetail(#{rich:element('pic')});"/>
     <rich:menuItem label="Summary" onclick="viewSummary(#{rich:element('pic')});"/>

With the help of <rich:menuGroup />, the contextMenu can further extends to a 2-levels sub menu.

and I found that, it is limited to 2 levels ONLY, if any reader of this post find a way to extend the contextMenu to more than 2 levels, please inform me as well. 

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