Thursday, January 17, 2013

Group Chatting with SparkWeb and OpenFire

When we deployed SparkWeb as our web IM, group chat is possible with the combination of SparkWeb and OpenFire.
Due to the limited features in SparkWeb, users login through SparkWeb are not allowed to create chat room. Thus, we have to create the chat room / conference in OpenFire admin console or Spark IM Client.


Option 1: Create chat room with Spark IM Client
Option 2:
1. login to OpenFire admin console as administrator.
2. Create a group chat service
    a. Group Chat > Group Chat Settings > Create New Service
create New Group Chat Service in OpenFire
    b. Fill in Group chat service name and description. eg, gc.
    c. Save

3. Create a room under the group chat. 
    a. Group Chat > Room Administration > Create New Room
    b. Fill in Room details
create New Chat Room in OpenFire
    c. Fill in password if participants are required to login to the chat room.

4. users connect to the chat room
    a. Conferences > + 
add Conferences in SparkWeb
    b. Fill in the room and group chat service.
Add Conference Server in SparkWeb
    c. New Room added into conferences list. d-click to start chatting with other participants. 

p/s: advantage of creating chat room in Admin Console is password can be added to the chat room  (step 3b). Thus, all participants required to enter password to login to the chat room. 



  1. Not working.... Will stay forever at "Looking for conference service..."

  2. doesnt work..I am getting the same error as above.
    Was anyone able to resolve it?



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