Thursday, January 10, 2013

How to install SparkWeb (XMPP Client) in a webapp

Due to certain system requirements, we need to run IM client in browsers.
There are many IM clients available over the Internet. This is the list of clients available. 

Anway, in this post, I will show how to install SparkWeb in a webapp. 
SparkWeb is open source, offered 1-to-1 chat, group chat, cross platform, strong security...

1. Download and install OpenFire Server.

1. Download and unzip SparkWeb
2. In Eclipse, copy the unzipped sparkweb folder into the project WebContent.
putting sparkweb into web project
3. start the web application, then access to the 
eg. http://localhost:8080/HelloJSF2/sparkweb/SparkWeb.html

4. Enter username, server ip, password into the following screen.
SparkWeb login screen

Chat Screen:
successfully login to SparkWeb

to skip the SparkWeb login screen, please take a look at How to skip SparkWeb login screen


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