Tuesday, February 19, 2013

How to setup Liferay Remote IDE Connector

Liferay Remote IDE Connector provides remote development and deployment support from Liferay IDE. With the help of this plugin, we may also enable the remote development and deployment to non-tomcat  Liferay bundled. 

This post shows the steps to setup the Liferay Remote IDE Connector and the target Liferay with JBoss bundled. 
Theoretically, it should works fine with other server bundled as well. 

Liferay 6.1.1
Eclipse Juno


1. Start the Remote Liferay instance or local non-tomcat Liferay instance.
2. Deploy the Server Manger Web plugin into the target Liferay instance. 
    put the downloaded lpkg file into the <TARGET_LIFERAY>/deploy folder

3. Start eclipse, create Server Runtime with Liferay v6.x Runtime Stub
    a) New Server Runtime Environment
    Windows > Preferences > Server > Runtime Environments > Add > Liferay > Liferay v6.x Runtime Stub
Liferay Remote IDE Connector - New Server Runtime
b) Specify Liferay Portal bundle location - browse to the Liferay tomcat bundle setup in previous post.
Liferay Remote IDE Connector - Liferay Runtime Stub
c) Configure remote Liferay Server instance (or local Liferay with non-tomcat bundle)
    p/s: Make sure the target Liferay instance is started
Liferay Remote IDE Connector - Remote Liferay Server
d) validate the connection > Finish > OK
Liferay Remote IDE Connector - Eclipse Server view

Done Setup!!

Start using the Server Manager Web plugin
1. R-click on the server instance > Add and Remove...
Liferay Remote IDE Connector - Add or Remove application
2. Add any Liferay portlet into the configured list > Finish
Liferay Remote IDE Connector - managed application
3. Remote development is enabled. Thus, any changes made to configured portlet will automatically publish to the target Liferay instance. 


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