Saturday, March 30, 2013

Code review with Eclipse PMD plugin

PMD is an Eclipse plugin that provides automates code review.
With PMD installed, code review can be done in short time, and make sure codes are reviewed under defined rules and standard.

1. Install PMD.
2. R-click on any project > PMD > Check Code with PMD

3. Violations overview
PMD violations overview

4. Set presentation type.
    R-click on any one of the violation > Presentation type > Show violations to files

5. Fix the violations
    d-click on violation, Eclipse will open the file and pointing to the violation line.
    fix it.

6. Once fixed, repeat step-2 to ensure the violation(s) have been fixed and not show in the Violations Overview again.

7. custom rule set could be added. for more information, refer How to make a new rule set


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