Thursday, March 7, 2013

How to integrate OpenFire with OpenDJ(LDAP)

The objective of this post is to show the steps on integrating OpenFire and OpenDJ

OpenAM 3.7.1
OpenDJ 2.5.0

1. OpenDJ is installed

1. During OpenFire configuration, in Profile Settings, choose Directory Server (LDAP), Continue.
2. in Connection Settings, fill in the OpenDJ configurations.

OpenFire - Profile Settings

3. Test the connection by clicking on the Test Settings. Follow by Save & Continue.
    if configured correctly, the following screen will show.
OpenFire - Profile Settings test Connection Settings

4. on User Mapping and Group Mapping, just click on Save & Continue to keep the default settings.

5. Add Administrator
OpenFire - Profile Settings add Administrator

 6. Test the Administrator account
OpenFire - Profile Settings test Administrator

7. Enter the new Administrator password
OpenFire - Profile Settings test Administrator

8. Verify LDAP users in OpenFire Console
    a) Login as administrator to OpenFire Console
    b) Users/Groups > Users
    c) check whether LDAP users appears in the user list.

9) Edit LDA Settings
    a) Login as administrator to OpenFire Console
    b) Server > Server Settings > Profile Settings
    c) choose Directory Server (LDAP)
    d) Edit
    e) repeat step 1-8.


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