Saturday, April 6, 2013

How to upgrade Primefaces to latest version in Liferay

When we are creating PrimeFaces Portlet in Liferay, the version of PrimeFaces used is actually depends on the Liferay Plugin SDK.

With Liferay Plugin SDK 6.1.1, the version of PrimeFaces used is 3.3
version 3.3 PrimeFaces used

Anyway, we still can upgrade the PrimeFaces version with few simple steps.
This is important to make sure we get the latest update from PrimeFaces.

1. download the latest PrimeFaces distribution.
2. remove the PrimeFaces jar file from Liferay Plugin SDK, in this case primefaces-3.3.jar in Eclipse.
3. copy the latest PrimeFaces jar file into the project lib folder, eg primefaces-3.5.jar.
4. Start Liferay and redeploy the PrimeFaces portlet.

If interesting to install PrimeFaces Extensions, please refer this post.


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