Sunday, June 9, 2013

Getting started with Oracle SQL developer Data modeler

Oracle SQL Developer Data Modeler is free tool from Oracle.
As mentioned in the name, this is a free database modeling tool.
Below are some of the features provided:
- Create logical data model
- Create relational data model
- Convert logical data model to relational data model
- Convert relational data model to logical data model
- Export data model to SQL scripts
- etc.

To get start with Oracle SQL Deveveloper Data Modeler,
1. The first thing is to make sure JRE is installed, and then download the installer from Oracle.
    Installer with JRE is only available for windows 32 bits.

2. unzip the installer archive into a directory, eg. C:/

3. d-click on datamodeler > enter the JRE path > OK
Browsing Java path, OK

4. Oracle SQL Developer Data Modeler started.
Oracle SQL Develper Data Modeler workspace

Once Oracle SQL Developer Data Modeler is ready.
The next step is to create relational data model with Oracle SQL Developer Data Modeler.


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