Saturday, June 1, 2013

How to add Tomcat server plugin in Eclipse

Tomcat is a popular opensource application server for java web application; Eclipse is a popular opensource  IDE for java development.
Both of them be configured to work together to increase our efficient for development.

1. Eclipse Juno
2. Tomcat 7.x

1. Window > Preferences > Server > Runtime Environments
Eclipse Server Runtime Environments

2. Click Add > Apache > Apache Tomcat V7.0 > Next
Eclipse - Add Tomcat Runtime Environments

3. Specify Tomcat installation directory
a) If Tomcat is not previously installed,
i. click Download and Install... > I accept the terms of the license agreement > Finish > Browse Installation folder > OK
ii. wait for the installation to complete.

b) If Tomcat is installed.
click Browse and and browse to the Tomcat installation directory.

4. Click Finish > OK.
Finally Tomcat added into Eclipse and we can start using it.
Eclipse - Server Runtime Environments

5. Using Tomcat server plugin in Eclipse.
a) In Server view, R-click on Tomcat V7.0 > Add and Remove...
Add and Remove application in Tomcat

b) Select web application to manage, add into the Configured panel, click Finish.
Add and Remove dialog

c) in the Server view, click Start or Debug to start the Tomcat server plugin in Eclipse.


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