Sunday, June 16, 2013

How to export data model to DDL with Oracle SQL Developer Data Modeler

This post will show post-action after the relational data model has been created.
The main purpose is to export the relational model as DDL, and this DDL is runnable SQL script to generate the database schema.
Besides that, it could help us to validate the correctness of data model during DDL generation.


1. make sure relational data model has been created.

2. Open the DDL File Editor
    File > Export > DDL File

3. Click Generate 

4. Review DDL Generation Options: Tree View, Tables, PK and UK Constraints, Indexes, Foreign Keys, Views

5. Click OK

6. If errors alert, search for "-- Error --" and fix it.

7. Once fixed, repeat step 2-5 again.



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