Tuesday, July 16, 2013

How to assign members to a password policy

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In Liferay, we can create multiple Password Policies for different sites, organizations, or members due to different requirements of different sites, organizations. 
certain organizations might request to have complex password format; certain organizations might simply need a login password.
So this could be handled by creating different Password Policy for different organization.

In this post, the organization MyOrg will be assigned to the newly created password policy.
All Members (MyOrgUser01, MyOrgUser02) which are under the MyOrg organization will be associate with the same password policy.

1. Login as Administrator

Create New Password Policy

2. Navigate to Liferay Password Policies
Go to > Control Panel > Portal > Password Policies
Liferay Password Policies

3. Create a new Password Policy by clicking thebutton.

4. Enter any details for the new Password Policy.
a) enter the Password Policy Name
b) check the Changeable checkbox
c) Enter our test criteria
    i) Check the Syntax Checking Enabled checkbox
   ii) Change the Minimum Symbols value from 0 to 1
d) more policies could be created to suit your needs, eg password lockout, password expiration, etc.
Creating new Liferay Password Policy

5. Save.

Assign Members to the new Password Policy

1. At the Password Policies listing page, click Actions > Assign Members
Assign Members action

2. Update Members' Associations 
Organizations > Available > Select Organization(s) that going to use the new password policy > click Update Associations.
Assigning Members to a Liferay Password Policy

Settings and Associations Done.


1. Go to Users and Organizations > Choose MyOrg from the Organization List
(or any Organization chosen from Step 2).
Liferay User and Organizations list

2. Choose MyOrgUser01 > password to change user's password
Updating Liferay user password

3. Enter new password "testing", failed
    Enter new password "testing!", success.
Because the password policy configured at least 1 symbol.


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