Sunday, July 7, 2013

How to edit Liferay email notification templates

There are several pre-defined email notification templates in Liferay.
Eg. User Account created notification, Password Changed notification, etc.

As an open source CMS, Liferay allowed us to customize the notification templates with our preferences easily from the screen.

1. Login as Administrator.

2. Navigate to Portal Settings
    Go to > Control Panel > Portal > Portal Settings

3. On the right sub-menu bar, choose Email Notifications
Liferay portal settings

4. There are 4 types of notification pre-defined in Liferay. They are Account Created Notification, Email Verification Notification, Password Changed Notification, Password Reset Notification.
Click on any 1 time, and edit the notification template content with the editor.
editing Liferay email  notification

5. Click on Save when finish.


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