Saturday, July 13, 2013

How to enable Liferay password lockout

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Password Lockout in Liferay refers to the locking of user account when user failed to enter the correct login id and password for the system defined number of login failures.
By default, there is no lockout for user account and user is allowed for any number of failure attempts.

In Liferay, Administrator has the options to enable the Password Lockout, and also options to unlock user account by the Administrator only or system defined duration.

Steps to enable Liferay Password Lockout

1. Login as Administrator

2. Navigate to Liferay Password Policies
Go to > Control Panel > Portal > Password Policies
Liferay password policies

3. Click on Default Password Policy

4. Setting password lockout
a) Scroll down to the Lockout section. 
b) check the Lockout Enabled checkbox.
c) set the Maximum Failure
d) set the Reset Failure Count
e) set the Lockout Duration, where the default is to unlock by Administrator. 
Liferay Password Lockout options

5. Click Save.


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