Sunday, August 4, 2013

Adding liferay libraries to customized portlet classpath

When developing customized portlet in Liferay, a lot of libraries might be needed, especially open-source library. eg jstl, commons-fileupload, commons-collection, etc

Some of these libraries are being used in Liferay Portal, thus we can actually reusing it.
this can reduce the memory usage and possibilities of conflict.

1. Make sure Liferay development properly setup.

To reuse the libraries in Liferay Portal, just few steps configurations.
1. in the Liferay portlet application, open /docroot/WEB-INF/

In Portal Dependency Jars section, is the libraries added by default from Liferay Portal during the portlet creation.

2. Click Add button to add more library from Liferay Portal.
    a dialog prompt up to show all available Jars to choose.

3. Choose any jars from the dialog > press OK.

4. verify the jars already added. either from Portal Dependency Jars or view source.

5. Save.

Once the libraries added to then we can import the required package or class into our java class.


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