Sunday, August 4, 2013

How to generate javadoc with Eclipse

This post shows how to generate javadoc for projects created in Eclipse.
Before the javadoc could be generated, comments must be available in class level and method level.
otherwise, we can only see the class and available methods without any description.

1. insert comments
    a) key in /**
    b) press Enter
    c) insert comments inside the commented area for class and method.
creating comments for class and method

2. Launch the javadoc generation wizard.
    Project > Generate javadoc...

3. Configure javadoc command if it is not there (the javadoc script/binary file)

4. Choose project(s) from the javadoc Generation dialog

5. set javadoc destination

6. Finishing
    Next > Next > Finish

7. Goto the javadoc destination, d-click index.html to verify the generated javadoc.


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