Sunday, September 22, 2013

Setting default user role, group, and site for a user in Liferay

The objective of this post is to show how to define role, group, site for a user especially when create a new user in Liferay.

meaning when creating a new user, what are the roles/groups/sites that are given to the user, unless intentionally changes it to other role/group/site.

To set the default user's role/group/site, follow the steps below:
1. Login as Liferay administrator.

2. Navigate to Default User Assiciations
    Go to > Control Panel > Portal > Portal Settings > Users > Default User Associations

3. Enter desired settings into the textbox.
    eg. if the Power User removes from the Roles textbox, that means new users created after this would have User role only, which is a limited authority role in Liferay.
    same applicable for Sites and User Groups, once defined in the textbox, it would be the default settings for newly created users, unless purposely changes it during create users.


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