Saturday, October 12, 2013

Hacking the JBoss JNDI Datasource configuration

The previous post shows how to create the JNDI datasource connection in JBoss AS7.
There is also a quick way to hack the JBoss JNDI datasource configuration.
This allowed us to modify / create / delete the datasource connection without login to JBoss AS7 admin console.

1. open standalone.xml in <JBoss installation directory>/standalone/configuration.

2. search for <datasources, <datasource /> between <datasources> ... </datasources> are the JNDI datasource connections available in JBoss AS7.

3. modify <datasource />
    - changing the jdbc url, username, password of the existing datasource connection.
    - create another new JNDI datasource connection
    - delete the <datasource /> that is no longer in used.


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