Saturday, February 28, 2015

p:tabMenu model does not work with JSF 2.1.x

According to PrimeFaces demo page, <p:tabMenu /> is working with <p:menuItem /> to display tab content.
<p:tabMenu /> also works with model to display tab content.

<p:tabMenu activeIndex="#{backingBean.tabActiveIndex}"
    model="#{backingBean.tabModel}" />

But <p:tabMenu /> not working with some of the JSF2.1 distribution.
eg, JSF2.1.19, JSF2.1.22, JSF2.1.29, etc

When tabMenu with model running with JSF2.1.29. some of the tabs are not able to click.

The only solution to resolve this problem, is to use <p:menuItem /> instead of model.


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