Thursday, June 22, 2017

Quick Start Angular 2 module in Liferay

Angular 2
Liferay 6.x, Liferay 7

1. download the sample project done by devsoftcz from github

2. extract the sample project, and change the project folder name.

3. open bnd.bnd, change the Bundle-SymbolicName to desired name

4. open package.json, change the "name" and "description" in the top part.

5. import liferay module into Eclipse
File > Import > Liferay > Liferay Module Project(s) > Next > [browse the location] > Finish

6. in Eclipse, refactor the java package, java class (optional)

7. in java Portlet class, change the "javax.portlet.display-name"

8. Finally, deploy the module into a Liferay container.


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